Why does my car keep shutting off while driving it?

Why does my car keep shutting off while driving it?

If your car all of a sudden shuts off while driving, it is probable that your alternator has gone bad. A broken alternator will cut the power to your car and the important parts, which will signal to you by a flashing dash or the engine all of a sudden shutting off.

Why does my BMW shut off while driving?

Problems in the Fuel System A problem with the fuel quality, your fuel supply, or your fuel injector could contribute to a fuel system problem resulting in your car stalling. If you have bad fuel in your tank, your combustion process in the engine won’t work efficiently. This can result in an engine stall.

Why does my engine stall at idle?

Intermittent stalling can also be caused by a bad idle air bypass motor or a idle speed control motor. If these devices fail to provide the correct idle speed, the engine may die. The PCM may not realize the throttle is at idle, and may give the engine too much or not enough fuel causing it to stall.

How do I know if my BMW has a recall?

For general information regarding recalls, please call the BMW Recall Hotline at (800) 525-7417.

What is eccentric shaft sensor on BMW?

The eccentric shaft position sensor is used as a feedback for the Valvetronic eccentric camshaft. The eccentric shaft is actuated by the Valvetronic motor and in return controls variable intake valve lift. The eccentric shaft sensor is mounted to the cylinder head beneath the valve cover.

How long does it take for a car to turn off?

Usually at intersections, but also quite a few times when i was cruising at 45, even 65 on the interstate. Engine would just conk out, while all electrical stuff stayed on, lights, radio, heater. It would take anywhere between one minute and a half hour to get it to turn over and come back to life.

Can a low oil level cause a car to shut off?

Can low oil cause a car to shut off? Low engine oil level does usually not cause your car to shut off. However, if it is too low so your oil pressure is getting low – the car can shut off the engine for safety reasons. This is often in newer cars, though.

What should I do if my car turns off while driving?

1- check battery condition, make sure you have a good static charge of 12.4 or 12.6 V when car is off. Check battery terminals to see if they are very dirty, corroded or loose. Follow battery cables to main source make sure no corrosion.

Why does my computer turn off after 30 sec?

In the past I would have a problem of my computer becoming unresponsive after maybe 2-3 hours of being on, but it only did it about once a month or so. Currently, it wont make it past the window xp screen when it loads and when I try to cut it on again it will cut off at the start up where it says the memory, graphic card, etc at the very start.