Why did my 99 Volvo V70 not start?

Why did my 99 Volvo V70 not start?

My 99 Volvo V70 station wagon with 89,000 miles would not start last week and was towed to the dealership. They advised me that the belt tensioner had broken and subsequintly bent one of the cylinder heads. I am looking at very expensive repairs and was not sure of my options. Has anyone experienced this problem?

What kind of gas does a 05 V70 use?

Our ’05 V70 with 2.4 (non turbo) has been doing fine burning regular (87 octane) gas. It was a demonstrator/loaner that was purchased about 6 weeks ago and I’ve only pumped regular, so I can’t really make a comparison. As long as it doesn’t knock and continues to get about 24 mpg for daily commuting I’ll stick with regular.

When did the Volvo V70 front drive come out?

The 1998 V70 replaced the boxy, square corners of the 850 with rounded edges and a more “family friendly” appearance package and design, an example being the window controls moving from the spill-prone center console to both front doors. In 1999 Volvo offered the V70 in base, GLT, and T5 versions, all with front-drive.

What kind of engine does the Volvo V70 have?

The V70 is essentially a wagon version of the S60. It’s spacious and useful, with large, comfortable seats. The front passenger’s seatback can fold to accommodate extra long loads. The turbocharged 2.5-liter engine is quick. But with all-wheel drive, both acceleration and fuel economy suffer.

Are there any problems with the Volvo S70?

Other problem, with vibration on one side mostly cleared up with strut on one side diagnosed and both replaced. The bushings may need to be replaced too. Our experience with V70 and S70 models is front-end problems that include tie rods and ball joint replacements are common.

Is the Volvo XC70 a wagon or SUV?

The XC70 “Cross Country” wagon has all-wheel drive, a raised ride height and rugged, SUV-like styling details. It also has a flexible interior and a roomy rear seat. The stiff ride is marginally improved over previous versions.