Where does the hard wire go on a radar detector?

Where does the hard wire go on a radar detector?

The hardwire cable is essentially just the cable that will power your radar detector. It is also sometimes referred to as a direct wire cable. It goes directly from the radar detector to the power source, which in this case will be your car’s fuse box. You will find that there are multiple types of hardwiring cables to choose from.

Where is the fuse box on a radar detector?

Now to actually get power for your radar detector, you’re going to want to tap into your fuse box. The fuse box is located in different places in different cars, but inside you’ll see lots of little fuses for different parts of your car: AC, stereo, power seats, airbags, etc.

Do you need a plug for a radar detector?

Radar detectors need to be plugged in for power and generally ship with a cigarette lighter plug to make it easy to power your detector. However, it looks kinda ugly to have a long cable dangling down your windshield and dash and it can get in the way of using your stereo.

How do you turn off a radar detector?

Depending on the type of car you have, it might be necessary to manually turn your radar detector on and off each time. Some radar detectors with built-in GPS automatically turn off when they sense your vehicle hasn’t been moving for a while. After you have located the proper fuse slot, you may remove the current fuse.

How do you hard wire a radar detector?

You can strip the end of the power wire of your hardwire cable if it doesn’t come stripped already, insert it into the blue connector, and use a crimper (not pliers!) to crimp down on the blue connector and make a good solid connection.

Where do you run the fuse on a radar detector?

You’ll generally want to run the wires from your fuse box, up your A-pillar, across your headliner, and into your radar detector. Often times you can simply tuck the wires behind the body panels, but sometimes you may have to remove panels to get the cleanest install. (Note: Make sure your wire doesn’t run over top of the airbag in your A-pillar!)

Where do you Power a car radar detector?

Rather than taking up your cig. lighter outlet, you power your detector from your car’s fuse box and run a power cable hidden along the trim of your vehicle to create a much cleaner and professional looking installation.

What happens when you close the T-tap on a radar?

When you close the T-tap, it bites down on the red add-a-circuit cable, cutting through the red insulation, and making contact with the wire inside. It helps to have a set of pliers to squeeze down on the T-tap so that it cuts through the insulation and clicks closed.