When did Gordon Bethune become CEO of Continental Airlines?

When did Gordon Bethune become CEO of Continental Airlines?

Bethune was hired as COO and president of Continental Airlines in 1994, after the airline had twice faced bankruptcy. Bethune later become the airline’s CEO in November 1994, and was elected chairman of the board of directors in 1996.

Who is Gordon Bethune and what did he do?

Gordon Bethune. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Gordon M. Bethune (born August 29, 1941) is a retired US airline executive.

What kind of plane does Gordon Bethune fly?

Bethune holds a commercial pilot certificate with type ratings in the Douglas DC-3, Boeing 757, and Boeing 767. In 1978, a Navy friend asked whether Bethune would consider joining Braniff International Airways as a maintenance manager. He agreed and later became the vice president of maintenance.

Who is the current CEO of Continental Airlines?

Gordon Bethune. Gordon M. Bethune (born August 29, 1941) is a retired US airline executive. He was the CEO of Continental Airlines from 1994 until his retirement at the end of 2004. He formerly served on the boards of Honeywell and Prudential Financial.

How are employees involved in the Continental turnaround?

Actively involving employees in the turnaround is essential. Continental’s weekly voice-mails, monthly open houses, quarterly magazines, and semiannual videos shown at regional meetings all focused on talking with and listening to employees.

Who was the CEO of Continental Airlines when it went bankrupt?

Little wonder it had churned through 10 presidents in as many years. “I had never seen a company as dysfunctional,” writes the air carrier’s president. Brenneman and CEO Gordon Bethune produced one of the fastest and most unlikely corporate turnarounds ever. How?

What did Bain do to save Continental Airlines?

My goal that day was to sell Bain’s consulting services to Continental’s CEO and new owner, a leveraged buyout firm that had just rescued the airline from its second bankruptcy in nine years.

Where does Continental Airlines rank in customer service?

The product, in a word, was terrible. And the company’s results showed it. Continental ranked tenth out of the ten largest U.S. airlines in all key customer-service areas as measured by the Department of Transportation: on-time arrivals, baggage handling, customer complaints, and involuntary denied boardings.