What size is a Honda Accord drain plug?

What size is a Honda Accord drain plug?

Dorman – Autograde – Oil Drain Plug Standard M14-1.50, Head Size 17mm (Part No.

Can a Honda Accord last for 200 000 miles?

Even though the average miles the Honda Accord lasts is around 200,000 miles, it can actually last up to 300,000 miles. However, if you want your Honda Accord to last this long, you need to be sure you bring it in for regular maintenance checks. If a Honda Accord is driven for 13,500 miles a year, it can last 20 years.

How many miles does a Honda Accord EX L last?

Honda Accord models can last up to 250,000 to 300,000 miles, provided you service them regularly. If you put 15,000 to 20,000 miles on your Honda Accord per year, you can use it for close to 20 years before it breaks down.

What size socket fits oil drain plug?

Place a 3/8-inch (0.9 centimeters) socket in the socket wrench, fit it over the drain plug’s nut and turn it counterclockwise. The oil drain plug should open easily, draining the used oil from the engine. Make sure to place a bucket and some newspaper under the car’s engine to catch all the draining oil.

What size is the drain plug on a 2007 Honda Accord?

Dorman – Autograde – Oil Drain Plug Standard M14-1.50, Head Size 17mm (Part No. 090-033CD)

How many miles can a 1999 Honda Accord last?

This car can last you easily another 100,000 miles or more due to it being a Honda. This car is perfect for a retiree or as a first car for your child as a reliable safe way for transportation.

How long does a Honda transmission last?

Compared to most other brands, Honda’s automatic transmissions are pretty reliable and they will get you well over 100,000 miles before having problems.

How long does a Honda Accord transmission last?

How long do Honda transmissions last? – Quora. So long as you don’t abuse them, most Honda automatics can break 300,000 miles easily. CVT’s probably won’t make it as far simply because they use the same parts for all driving speeds. And their Manual transmissions depend mostly on the driver, no real limit.

Where is the OBD-II plug on a 1995 Honda Accord?

The Location of the OBD-II Plug on the 1995 Honda Accord. OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics) systems use internal sensors and an on-board computer to monitor your vehicle’s performance. The computer gathers information and performs routine tests at various points of operation to ensure the proper operation of your vehicle.

What’s the problem with the Honda Accord engine?

Honda techs worked with TechLine to diagnose. New V6 Accord off truck showed same behavior. Operation more pronounced in cold temps, but otherwise normal. Engine makes knocking sounds when vehicle is at rest after a stop. The problem is likely to be related to VCM. Dealer has reproduce the problem but was unable to diagnose the source of it.

What does oil leak on Honda Accord mean?

Oil leak, had been in 3 previous times for the same issue. Replaced rear main seal (for the third time) and let it sit for a couple of days/nights. Found an additional leak at the pan seal. Replaced this seal as well. 141-horsepower 2.0L I4 Hybrid 1-speed automatic FWD Check engine light started to blink which means the engine is misfiring.

What should I do if my Honda Accord makes a noise?

Replace Engine after it made a noise. Replace engine again after it made a noise at 200 km/h. After the second time this occurred had the vehicle towed to dealer and a computer update performed. P0088 (Fuel Rail/System Pressure Too High).

How big is the drain plug on a Honda Accord?

Honda Accord Drain Plug Part Number: 90009-R70-A00 Bolt Plug, 14Mm

What kind of drain plug does a Honda washer use?

This part fits specific Honda Accord, CR-V, Odyssey, Pilot models. Affordable, reliable and built to last, Honda part # 9410914000 Washer, Drain Plug (14MM) stands out as the smart option.

What kind of engine does a Honda Accord have?

Honda Accord F23A 2.3 ltr Vtec 4 cylinder JDM Honda Accord engine for year 2002 Honda Accord. JDM Honda Accord F23A 2.3 ltr 4 cylinder engine imported from Japan for 2002 Honda Accord for sale. JDM Honda Accord 3.0 ltr V6 J30A low mileage Japanese engine for year 2002 for sale.

What kind of drain plug does a Honda Cruze use?

Our Oil Drain Plugs are coated for high corrosion resistance and a long service life. Many styles are available, including standard, inset gasket, molded gasket, magnetic, and pilot point. Only use the aluminum crush washer made for Honda drain plugs.