What parts do you need to remove when removing the front wheel hub and bearing?

What parts do you need to remove when removing the front wheel hub and bearing?

Hub Unit Bearing Removal

  1. Raise vehicle and remove lug nuts and wheel.
  2. Remove the brake caliper and rotor.
  3. Remove the axle nut, using an axle nut socket.
  4. Before removing hub unit, make a note of the proper orientation and positioning of the sensor wire and bearing.
  5. Remove the steering knuckle attachment bolts.

Can the wheel come off from bad bearing?

A: A bad wheel bearing can cause several potentially dangerous situations, starting with your vehicle not being as responsive as it should be. Last, but not least, your wheel can fall off completely while driving, as the bearing is an essential part of keeping the wheel attached to your car.

How tight should you tighten wheel bearings?

The nut on the spindle should be tightened until snug, with no side-to-side play in the hub and then backed off, about a quarter of a turn. The nut finger should be tight until the castle nut or cotter pin is used.

What do I need to replace my front wheel bearing?

  • Wheel bearing assembly
  • Breaker bar
  • Jack
  • Socket set
  • Ratchet
  • Screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Sandpaper

    How do you change wheel bearings?

    To change wheel bearings, start by lifting the wheel up on a jack, unscrewing the lug nuts, and taking the wheel off. Then, remove the brake caliper, the dust cover over the rotor, and the cotter pin and castle nut behind the dust cover.

    How do you install front wheel bearings?

    Steps Park your vehicle on a flat surface. Use wheel chocks to secure wheels whose bearings you aren’t replacing. Loosen the lug nuts and lift the wheel using a jack. Unscrew the lug nuts and remove the wheel. Remove the brake caliper. Remove the dust cover, cotter pin, and castle nut. Remove the rotor. Unscrew the hub bolts and remove the old hub.

    How do you press a wheel bearing?

    1. Push Bearing into Bearing Case. 2. Place backing plate on press with the brake hardware side facing up. 3. slip in axle shaft with flange side (with the wheel studs) into backing plate so the flange side is pointing towards the top of the press with the spline end facing the ground.