What kind of vibration does an Acura RDX have?

What kind of vibration does an Acura RDX have?

If you happen to be an Acura fan boy and feel hurt; ups so sorry about that I had exactly the same discussed problem with my 2013 FWD RDX -> Vibration at 1200-1500 rpms during city driving as well as highway vibrations felt at the steering wheel, gear lever and gas pedal (add to that clunky rear suspension and jerky ride in stop/go city traffic).

What causes a Rumble in the undercarriage of an Acura?

Then around the 2000 mile mark I noticed a rumble and vibration from the undercarriage and engine compartment. I called the dealer and they said they were unaware of a problem. I notified the Acura corporate office and they said they are aware of an issue and the engineers are working on it but that I should take it to the dealer for diagnosis.

Why did Acura adapt a 6 cyl from a 2008 accord?

Why would Acura adapt a 6 cyl from an 2008 accord that is the subject of a settlement of a class action lawsuit and has so many issues with more miles. I wish I read this information prior to my purchase.

Why is my Acura RDX rear suspension not working?

Figure 2. The rear suspension of the Acura RDX. Cracked or dried out bushings can lead to a number of issues. The old compliance bushing design was a common failure point for many Honda/Acura models, and though the new design is more durable, it is still the most common failure point.

How much does it cost to fix Acura RDX rear shocks?

Rear shocks make noise going over bumps and rough roads. Dealer acknowledged shocks and/or spacers are bad and repair costs estimated from $200.00 to $1200.00. Car out of warranty by 1000 miles so dealer refused to warranty repair. Rear shocks replaced under warranty due to loud banging over small bumps.

Why is my Acura RDX making a moaning sound?

There was a metal clunking sound from the left rear; Acura replaced the shock absorber under warranty. Rocker arm [actually control arm?] Developed moaning sound at speeds above 20 mph, around July 10. Today, dealer diagnosed problem as bad rear wheel bearing.

Is there a warranty on an Acura RDX?

No charge, under warranty. Rear stabilizer link was replaced. This did not cure the problem, though. TrueDelta suggested that the real problem was the rear shocks. These were ordered, and are at the dealer now, awaiting our return from vacation.