What kind of shocks do you put on an Acura MDX?

What kind of shocks do you put on an Acura MDX?

The KYB shock absorbers are popular amongst Acura drivers, and with their fantastic warranty as well as sportier ride, you can’t go wrong with these shocks. These shocks come with everything you need to install them onto your Acura MDX, including the small rubber bushings.

Is it possible to switch from ads shocks to standard shocks?

It is possible to swap the ADS shocks for the standard units, but you will likely get an error code on the dashboard unless a resistor is wired into the old plug, and even then it will throw a code if you switch from Comfort to Sport mode. See the post here for more information: ADS Shocks to Regular – MDXers.org

How do you replace a rear shock absorber?

Center rear jack point. The rear shock absorbers are very easy to replace. Simply remove the two bolts, the one on top and the one on the bottom of the shock absorber, then remove the shock absorber. Install the new one in its place and torque the two bolts to 47 ft-lb.

How much does Advanced Dynamic Suspension ( ads ) cost?

If you have the rare Advanced Dynamic Suspension (ADS), your only real option is to use the factory parts when/if they fail and those cost more than $500 a piece.

Where to get regular shocks for Acura MDX?

A shop that does alot of shock conversion in scarborough is doing the job for me. 360auto in markham. They will also do the resistors for me. On my 2007, I changed from ADS to regular. Monroe shocks were a bolt in on the rears, have been fine for almost 2 years.

Is the ads suspension better than regular shocks?

I changed over to regular shocks on a 2008 Sport a couple of months ago. The ADS is a better system but not $4,000 better. The ride now is not as stiff as the ADs on Sport but not far off it. I would liken it to Volvo V70 or MB ML350.

Is the Lexus MDX suspension good over bumps?

The mechanics at a garage that does a lot of Lexus repairs say it is too firm, good over big bumps but Pilot like on relatively smooth roads, they refer to the Pilot jiggle. Mine needed a 4 wheel alignment. I am happy with the outcome with my wife and daughter agreeing that the ride is good. I have not done the resistors yet.

How to change ads to regular in Acura MDX?

R&R was a piece of cake as it’s been a southern car it’s whole life so all the fasteners we’re clean and rust-free. I then placed a 1 ohm 10 watt resistor (radio shack – $1.25/each) on each connector that was previously running to the shocks/struts.