What kind of mileage does a Monte Carlo get?

What kind of mileage does a Monte Carlo get?

With the DOD technology, the Monte Carlo is able to deliver up to 27 miles on the highway and up to 18 in the city. This is the car for someone who knows how to handle a front wheel drive and doesn’t want the every day sports car. The SS Monte Carlo is a very unique car.

What was the weight of a 1986 Monte Carlo?

Weight and Dimensions. The 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo has a curb weight of between 3,385 and 3,500 pounds. The car has an overall length of 202.4 inches, a width of 71.8 inches and a height of 54.9 inches, with a 108-inch wheelbase and 6 inches of ground clearance.

Is there a 1985 Monte Carlo SS for sale?

This 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS is an icon that has been kept in an amazing survivor condition, right down to numbers-matching high-output V8. And because these coupes have one of the best color… More Info › Gateway Classic Cars of Atlanta is offering this 1987 Monte Carlo SS for sale.

Is the 2014 Monte Carlo a muscle car?

The 2014 Monte Carlo SS is a very powerful car. It looks like an ordinary sedan with a roomy trunk and a spacious interior. It has a 6.2 liter v-8 motor and I would say it’s a bit much for the size of the vehicle. Dodge has the Charger and Ford has the Taurus SHO but, the Monte doesn’t appear to be a muscle car until you drive it.

Is the Chevy Monte Carlo a good car?

It is easy to see out all around. You don’t feel like your butt is gonna scrape the road. I get 25 mph cruising around, 28 mpg highway if I keep it under 69 miles per hour.comfortable for a stout suspension. It’s also great in the snow, no kidding. It’s a beast. Was this review helpful? Yes | No “Love this car. VERY SPORTY”

Where did the 2001 Monte Carlo SS come from?

1st owner purchased on 07/25/01 and owned in KS until 06/11/03 • 2nd owner purchased on 07/02/03 and owned in IA until 05/10/07 • 3rd owner purchased on 05/10/07 and owned in IL until 03/09/21. 1st owner drove an estimated 15,137 miles/year • 2nd owner drove an estimated 6,048 miles/year • 3rd owner drove an estimated 1,327 miles/year.

When did the Chevy Monte Carlo get redesigned?

The Monte Carlo was redesigned for the 2000 model year, gaining new two-door coupe styling and growing from midsize to full-size proportions. It carries over for 2001 with minor changes.

What kind of wheels does a Monte Carlo have?

The vertical taillamps recall those on the original Monte Carlo of 30 years ago, as does the script lettering for the Monte Carlo badges. Both the LS and SS models ride on 16-inch wheels and tires, but the SS comes with standard cast-aluminum wheels, a firmer suspension, fog lamps and a rear spoiler.