What kind of engine does a 2009 Acura MDX have?

What kind of engine does a 2009 Acura MDX have?

2009 Acura MDX – Specifications

Engine Type 3.7-liter 24-valve aluminum-alloy SOHC VTEC® V-6
Displacement 3664 cc
Horsepower, SAE net 300 hp at 6,000 rpm
Torque, SAE net 275 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm

What kind of engine does an Acura MDX have?

The MDX draws both power and efficiency from a 3.5-liter, 290-horsepower 81 V-6 engine that features Direct Gas Injection, Variable Cylinder Management™ (VCM®) and the Acura i-VTEC® system. Intelligent Variable Timing and lift Control (i-VTEC) increases horsepower by advancing valve timing relative to engine rpm.

How much is a new engine for a Acura?

The average Acura engine repair cost for a complete rebuild comes between $2,500 and $4,500, with the most susceptible models for frequent fixes being the Acura MDX, ILX, TL, and the TLX.

Is the 2009 Acura MDX reliable?

The MDX is a great car and very reliable. It handles well. The maintenance was a little expensive after 175,000 miles but overall a great value. Rating breakdown (out of 5):

Does 2009 MDX have backup camera?

The rearview camera is necessary to safely see what is behind the 2009 Acura MDX when reversing. It’s included with a power tailgate and navigation system with real-time XM traffic updates in the Technology package.

Is Acura MDX a good buy?

Yes, the Acura MDX is a good SUV. It has a capable V6 engine, gets good gas mileage, and handles well. It seats up to seven people and has more cargo space than many other luxury midsize SUVs. The MDX also comes with a lengthy list of standard tech features.

What engine does a 2006 Acura MDX have?

2006 Acura MDX Specifications

Engine Type 3.5-liter, SOHC VTEC 60-degree V-6
Horsepower 253 hp @ 5800 rpm SAE Net (Rev 8/04)
Torque 250 lbs-ft at 3500 rpm SAE Net (Rev 8/04)
Redline 6300 rpm

Does Acura TL have VTEC?

Acceleration and Power The 2008 Acura TL base model has a 3.2-liter aluminum-alloy VTEC V6 engine under its hood that puts out 258 horsepower and 233 pound-feet of torque. This engine is so smooth, it almost seems like the sound you hear is coming from the stereo speakers, not the engine itself.”

MDX Hybrid is also available, which is fitted with a J30Y1 engine together with an electric motor that together give 321 HP. Here you can find out everything you want about Acura MDX engines: their specs, common problems and ways of fixing them.

Can a 2005 Acura MDX be sold on eBay?

A reliable engine will ensure that your vehicle serves you in the long term and improve the performance of your car. Before going to eBay to look for a suitable machine such as a 2005 Acura MDX engine for sale, browse through this list of frequently asked questions to learn the essential information you need to make a prudent decision.

What are the symptoms of an Acura MDX brakes going wrong?

Second, braking system went wrong. Actually, no driver would ignore this system. Normal symptoms on Acura MDX included noisy brakes, pulsating brake pedal and poorly responded brakes. In general, divers would choose to replace the brake pad set to bring the braking system back in normal.