What is Code 78 foundation brake?

What is Code 78 foundation brake?

78 – Foundation Brake. 1. Red brake lamp short to ground. 2. Pressure switch in proportioning valve out of position or faulty.

What is a code 78?

Police code 10-78 means Need assistance / Send ambulance.

What are the numbers on a 1978 Ford truck?

From 1978, it changed to two letters followed by four numbers (e.g. XX0,000). The actual wheelbase in inches is shown on the rating or warranty plate. The code under “Color” indicates the exterior paint of the vehicle.

What is the VIN number for an 81-87 truck?

First get you year and choose the below link. For 81-87 (91) trucks it is the 10th Digit.

Where is the VIN number on a 1973 Chevy truck?

The 1973-1980 Chevy trucks had the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) stamped in many different places on the truck. Part of the number is stamped on the engine block and transmission. You can find the entire number on the inside of the left hand door pillar for the 1973-1978 trucks, after that all VINs were located in…

What is the Descr code on a Ford truck?

DESCR. DESCR. The first two digits of the axle code identify the ratio and capacity of the rear axle. The third digit of the axle code identifies the ratio and/or capacity of the front axle, if applicable. The gross vehicle weight rating for the vehicle (based on minimum equipment required).

What is the serial number of a Thriftmaster engine?

H — 235 6Cyl. Thriftmaster (31-32-36-3800) Note: The continuous engine serial number has been eliminated. The engine plants now stamp the plant, production date and application code on the serial pad.

What is the VIN code for a 1973 Ford truck?

Code Year G.V.W. Rating F275 ’73-’74 7500 F275 ’75 7800 F275 ’76 6600 F276 ’73-’74 8100

Where is the partial VIN number on a truck block?

If your block is from a car it will have a partial VIN number stamped on the pad, near the engine ID number. If your block is from a truck, before the mid seventies, it won’t have a partial VIN stamped on it.

How long does it take to clear a Toyota trouble code?

Remove the EFI fuse (15A) for 30 seconds with the ignition switch OFF to clear any codes. It may take longer than 30 seconds, depending on ambient temperature (the lower the temperature, the longer the fuse must be left out). Trouble codes can also be cleared by disconnecting the vehicle battery.