What is B6 service Acura MDX?

What is B6 service Acura MDX?

Maintenance Minder B Scheduled Maintenance Recommended service: Replace engine oil1 and oil filter. Inspect front and rear brakes. Check parking brake adjustment. Inspect tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots.

What is Acura B6 service?

B6 service should be. B: oil/filter change and inspection. 6: rear differential oil change (assuming it means the sh-awd oil change) Depending on driving conditions, the “6” service can range between 7-30,000 miles (15,000 miles might be average).

How much is a b6 service?

The cost for a Mercedes B Service ranges more widely than the cost for an A Service. You can expect to pay anywhere from $380 to more than $700 depending largely on the model and model year of your car, as well as the necessity of replacement parts.

What is the cost of Acura B1 service?

Acura “B” Service Pricing

2019 ILX MDX
B1 $144.95 $144.95
B2 $264.95 $264.95
B3 $269.95 $837.12
B4 Valve Adjust + Plugs (recommend 105K)

What is the trouble code on my Acura MDX?

P0306 is a fairly common trouble code with the Acura MDX. It’s and OBD2 code and stands for: P0306 is certainly a cause for concern, and should be considered a threat to the drivability your MDX.

Where is cylinder 6 on an Acura MDX?

An important thing to understand when finding the location of Cylinder 6 is that it’s going to be the sixth cylinder in the firing order. It won’t be the sixth cylinder that you might see when looking at the engine. The P0306 trouble code will trigger the MDX’s service engine soon light.

Is there a problem with my Acura MDX p0306?

P0306 is certainly a cause for concern, and should be considered a threat to the drivability your MDX. The nice thing about P0306 is that it’s a cylinder specific trouble code, which makes diagnosing the problems much more simple than P0300, which means that the cylinders are randomly misfiring.

What can cause an Acura MDX to backfire?

The MDX may backfire. There are quite a few things that can cause the P0306 trouble code to trigger the Acura MDX. Here are the most common problems that may cause it. They are presented somewhat in order from most to least likely to be causing the code: Bad Spark Plugs – Spark plugs are one of the most common causes of P0306.