What is a 1999 Acura worth?

What is a 1999 Acura worth?

How much is a 1999 Acura CL worth? The value of a used 1999 Acura CL ranges from $308 to $3,110, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

How many miles can an Acura get?

The Acura TLX should last for many years Pricing aside, the Acura TLX has proven to be reliable as many owners are easily getting their cars to around the 100,000-mile mark without any real issues.

How much is an Acura worth?

2019 Acura MDX Value – $28,965-$48,723 | Edmunds.

Does Acura have good resale value?

An Acura RDX will depreciate 48% after 5 years and have a 5 year resale value of $21,711. The Acura RDX fares better than its bigger brother the MDX, but is still in the middle of the pack among luxury models. Keep in mind, that Acuras are great on maintenance costs, so that will save you some money over time.

How many miles is considered high for an Acura?

My personal opinion, 160,000 miles is on a higher end. Seeing as most people do not know how to properly ‘break in’ a car, would be a risk. If the vehicle is mainly freeway vs local driving, chances are the engine is in better condition.

How many miles does a 2000 Acura TL have?

Mileage: 190,399 miles Body Type: Sedan Color: Black Engine: 6 Cyl 3.2 L Accident reported: minor damage. 1st owner purchased on 04/21/00 and owned in MO until 03/11/03 • 2nd owner purchased on 03/27/03 and owned in KS until 12/16/13 • 3rd owner purchased on 12/16/13 and owned in WI until .

Is it worth it to buy a car with 200, 000 miles?

When the need for transportation far outstrips your bank account, you end up looking at the dark-side of the classifieds: the super-cheap, almost 200,000 mile used cars. Is it ever worth it to buy one of these clunkers?

Is the Acura cost more than a Honda?

Acura is just a Fancy Honda. Acura does not have a higher maintenance cost than Honda or Toyota vehicles. Acura is the luxury brand of Honda, and most engine parts and fluids are the same as in a Honda. Shops and the dealer may charge a premium because people do not realize this,…

Where did the 1999 Acura TL come from?

1st owner purchased on 12/06/99 and owned in NY until 05/14/03 • 2nd owner purchased on 01/20/04 and owned in CT until 05/29/21. 1st owner drove an estimated 14,632 miles/year • 2nd owner drove an estimated 2,244 miles/year.

When was the last time I serviced my Acura TL?

1st owner drove an estimated 4,814 miles/year • 2nd owner drove an estimated 5,691 miles/year • 3rd owner drove an estimated 0 miles/year • 4th owner drove an estimated 0 miles/year. Last serviced at 144,464 miles in Centennial, CO on 05/20/21 • Vehicle serviced • Maintenance inspection completed • Interior cleaned.