What happens when the crankshaft sensor goes bad?

What happens when the crankshaft sensor goes bad?

Engine sensors are subject to heat and one of the most susceptible is the crankshaft sensor. When this sensor goes bad it may or may not set a trouble code so if you have performed a scan and no codes are present suspect this sensor.

Is the ignition module on my 90 k1500 bad?

A few months ago, I have an ignition module go bad on my 90 K1500. Even though the ignition module was bad, the injectors were spraying fuel. There is no service port on the TBI fuel lines so you need a special tool to check the fuel pressure.

When does a shorted sensor cause an engine to stall?

A shorted sensor doesn’t always set a check engine light or MIL (malfunction indicator light). The computer is programmed to trigger a “service engine soon light” when the sensor has failed for a predetermined amount of time, say one minute, it only takes an intermittent shorting sensor one second to stop the computer system (stall engine).

What makes your car turn off while driving?

If there is something clogging in the pump or filter, it will make your car turns off while driving on the roads suddenly. So, it is always mandatory to check and clean the fuel pump, filter before driving a long distance.

What happens if the ignition switch goes out while driving?

The ignition switch control the main electrical system which can fail intermittently. This is not too hard to test simply connect a test light to the system feed wire for observation while driving, if the light goes out, the switch is bad.

Why does my Pelican engine keep breaking off?

Excess vibration and twisting from the normal operation of the engine appears to be causing some cracking in these liners, resulting in a small chunk of the liner breaking off. This “D-chunk” problem seems to ironically occur mostly in gently driven cars.

Why does my car not shift into third gear?

Such a problem is automatic transmission won’t shift into 3rd gear. The transmission shifts into the first and then to second gear but does not move into the third gear. It seems that the gear slips into neutral when you push it to the third. Another instance could be the automatic transmission won’t shift into 3rd gear at all.

What causes transmission to go out while driving?

My wife has a 2004 trailblazer , about 6 months ago I replaced tran fluids and filter. At that time I noticed the fluid was very dark and appeared to be watered down or thinned and had a seperation in it that in my mind I think is moisture infiltrating into the transmission somehow.

Why does my car die when I put it in gear?

The computer will then retard (back off) ignition timing slightly to prevent detonation (spark knock) that can damage the engine and decrease performance. If the MAP sensor is faulty, this foregoing sequence may explain why the engine dies as you put the vehicle into gear as a load is put on the motor.

Why does my Nissan 200 not shift gears?

This may also suggest a failing speed sensor. The transmission speed sensor is a magnetic sensor that provides this information, allowing the transmission to shift smoothly.