What does S V mean?

What does S V mean?

AcronymDefinitionSVSurvivalSVSave (baseball relief pitcher statistic)SVEl Salvador (country top level domain)SVSilicon Valley94

What is RO short for?

AcronymDefinitionRORead OnlyRORegional OfficeRORule OutRORollover (financial)86

What does RO stand for police?

registered owner

What does r/o mean in Snapchat?

Regrets Only (invitation response) RO. US Revenue Private Die Proprietary (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately) showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 109 definitions) Note: We have 42 other definitions for R/O in our Acronym Attic.

What does r/o mean in diagnosis?

Rule out

What is rule out in medical term?

A:The phrase “rule out” means that the physician is attempting to discount a particular diagnosis from the list of possible or probable conditions the patient may have. He or she is attempting to “rule out” a particular scenario of treatment.

What is r/o in application form?

In the banking/Voter ID declaration form, R/O is the abbreviation of the ‘RESIDENT OF’. It refers to the area of your housing address. Therefore, in this field, you need to add the area name that is closest to your housing address. Conclusion. Having a bank account means assuring the safety of your money.

What is S o in letter of authorization?

Abbreviation of shout out. (Canada, US) Abbreviation of significant other.

What is the meaning of S o in address?

Significant Other

What does r/o mean in real estate?

Property Abbreviations and AcronymsAbbreviation/AcronymDescriptionRNterminal capitalization rateROoverall capitalization rateRobinRobinsonROIreturn on investment62

What does PCM mean in rent?

per calendar month

What does C O mean on property taxes?

in care of

What is RO in bank?

Required ( RO ) Relationship Officer For Banking Process.

What is relationship officer bank?

Customer Relationship Officers handle the concerns of the people who buy their company’s products or services. For instance, Customer Relationship Officers for a bank may email existing clients to make them aware of new services or handle the phone call of someone experiencing a problem with his account.

What does RO mean in work?

Requested Off

What does RO mean on invoice?

8) Technology, IT etc (22) RO — Request Order.