What does it mean when the battery symbol flashes?

What does it mean when the battery symbol flashes?

It means your battery has taken over to keep the electronics working. As soon as the output from the alternator drops to a certain fairly low level, the battery light flickers. As simple method to check if it is the alternator is to park the vehicle and let the engine idle, and the light gets a little brighter.

Will a bad battery cause lights to flicker?

A dying battery can be one cause for your dashboard lights flickering. The battery plays a key role in powering your car’s electrical system. If the battery isn’t working properly, it could cause the dash lights to flicker.

What causes intermittent Battery Light in Acura MDX?

If your alternator tests out fine, move on to Step 3. A slipping belt can cause intermittent electrical issues. Quite a few Acura owners have experienced intermittent battery light issues, specifically in rainy conditions. Water tends to get in the engine bay and on the belts, causing them to slip.

How do you test the charging system on an Acura?

To perform a charging system test yourself, you will need a Charging System Analyzer or a Battery Tester. Park your ACURA in a safe area. Set the parking brakes and turn off the ignition.

Where is the Immobilizer on an Acura MDX?

Fuse 13 in the passenger’s side under-dash fusebox powers the immobilizer receiver (and a bunch of other stuff you’d probably notice wasn’t working, including the driver’s seat control and navigation if your MDX has it). Fuse #6 in the driver’s side under-dash fusebox seems to be involved, too…

Where can I find the MDX key immobilizer light?

You should be able to do some quick research on the options online… or maybe even find an MDXer in your area who’d let you borrow their HDS, or come over and hook it up to take a look at your car. Click to expand… Thanks for the reply. I’ll take a look into those fuses.