What does Decision plan mean on the common application?

What does Decision plan mean on the common application?

Article Content. Most first-year students choose to apply under our Regular Decision plan, which involves applying by January 1st and receiving a decision by early April. If Brown is your first choice and you would definitely accept an offer of admission, you may choose our Early Decision plan.

What is the difference between rolling admission and regular decision?

Regular Decision – This is the typical and final deadline for all students wishing to apply to a certain school. Rolling Admissions – This means schools accept students as they receive applications. Regular decision schools hold all applications and then make admissions decisions all in one big pile.

Is it better to apply early or regular?

FACT #2: Fewer students apply through early action than regular decision. The restriction of binding rules and an earlier deadline prevents the bulk of applicants from applying under early action programs. However, this does not always guarantee less competition and higher chance of admittance.

Is early action harder than regular?

Applying Early Action means the application deadline is a month or two sooner than the Regular Decision deadline. Also, for some colleges, the pool of applicants for Early Action may have higher test scores than the college/university’s average, making it more difficult to get in.

Is there an advantage to applying early action?

Another benefit, admissions officials say, is that if a student gets in through early action or early decision, he or she can wrap up the college search. Decisions through these early avenues typically come in December or January. But applying early also means revving up the admissions process.

Is it bad to not apply early action?

As we mentioned before, admission in the early decision round is binding, meaning that you have committed to attend if you are admitted. If you plan on applying early decision to a college, but you’re having second thoughts, go with your gut! Don’t apply unless you’re 100% sure that’s where you want to attend.