What do control panels on air compressors do?

What do control panels on air compressors do?

These control panels provide the ability to define a starting sequence in which the compressors operate, and/or manually disable one or both compressors. They detect poten- tial equipment damaging conditions such as high tempera- ture, low oil pressure or level, and motor overloads. Each control panel is equipped with a display board.

Why is my a / C control panel not working?

My a/c control panel has no power when turning on the a/c switch or the recirculation switch. This problem began as an intermittent problem, but now is a solid no power problem. The blower switch works. I have checked the fuses and all are ok. Is there a relay that controls power to the switch panel? Thanks.

What happens when your AC control switch fails?

Another symptom that may present itself when the AC control switch has failed, is the compressor not coming on. The AC control switch is what powers and controls the AC compressor, as well as the entire system. If it is not working properly, then the AC compressor may not come on, which will prevent the AC from blowing cold air.

What is the role of the AC control switch?

The AC control switch is a very important component of the AC system. It is the physical switch that allows the user to turn on and change the settings of the AC system from inside of the vehicle.

Do you need a service switch for an A / C compressor?

These switches are required by current electrical codes but may be absent on old A/C installations. If no service switch is installed at the compressor/condenser you should have one installed at the next A/C service call or next electrical work done on the building.

How does a variable displacement a / C compressor work?

The variable displacement a/c compressor addresses some of these shortcomings by changing the way the a/c system operates. The system is controlled by a pulse-width modulated solenoid mounted in the compressor. This allows the pressure developed by the compressor to be applied gradually, rather than come on at full force.

Where is the compressor / condenser Service Switch omitted?

Where the compressor/condenser service switch is omitted some technicians are tempted to work on equipment while it is electrically “live”, and a few of them get shocked. These switches are required by current electrical codes but may be absent on old A/C installations.

How to diagnose a pulse width modulated compressor?

Check the voltage signal at the pulse-width modulated compressor solenoid control wire at the a/c control module first. An open or grounded circuit in the wiring will prevent the system from operating. Next, check the a/c control module for codes. These codes must be addressed first.