What causes the navigation screen to stop working?

What causes the navigation screen to stop working?

Alll of your problems is being cause by the navigation driver assy module it is rigth behind the screen pull the top dash bezel off get the model number look on ebay has to be the same model number 4 screws and 2 wire pugs and your problems fixed for anyone with a blank screen with the back light dim on the screen.

Is there a problem with the Honda DVD navigation system?

When you drive, do you sometimes see a message that says, “ DVD disc reading error “? When you start the car, is the “ OK ” button missing so that you can’t start the navigation system? If you said yes to either, then your DVD navigation system needs to be fixed, and this Honda navigation fix procedure is for you.

What causes a cruise control to stop working?

If that signal is lost, the CCM can’t detect vehicle speed, disabling cruise control. Electrical Problems – As most cruise control systems use electrical or electronic components, any diagnosis should include a thorough check of source voltage, wiring harnesses, and connectors. Anything loose or broken could disable the system entirely.

Why is my Nav screen not working on my Armada?

I too have similar problem with the recent 2005 Armada I just bought. Nav/GPS/Radio Screen that shows the reverse Camera is not getting power. The AC panel works, but the Nav/GPS screen does not turn on. DVD does not power too. it doesnt turn on at all.

What to do when your navigation system won’t work?

During this time don’t start the car, open doors or even unlock the vehicle. You want your Mercedes-Benz to go to “sleep.” After the waiting period reinserting the navigation disk into the DVD slot and try to power up your COMAND system. Press NAVI button and wait for the system to restart. If that doesn’t work go to the next step.

Why is my Mercedes navigation not working properly?

All the units which are part of the fiber optic need to be in proper working condition. If your Mercedes uses a separate drive for the NAVI DVD, it is possible that this unit can be defective. Learn more about fiber optic problem by reading Mercedes Audio System Explained. The DVD drive that holds your navigation disk could be damaged.

Why is my Navi CD not working properly?

Make sure the Navi disk itself isn’t damaged. If your stereo has only one slot for the Navigation DVD and audio CD, try inserting an audio CD or DVD to see it that works properly. If it does then the problem may be your disk and not the optical lens.

Are there any issues with the Acura TL?

I drive a 2005 Acura TL with Nav and recently my battery died and I started to notice some issues with my clock not being sync with my nav clock. I also noticed that my Nav now boots up with a Honda logo and I have no control over my center channel or sub along with the use of voice command for my nav.

What does it mean when your Nav screen goes black?

The NAV Screen (the entire screen) goes black from time to time. It is the back light that goes off.

Why does MY BMW navigation screen go dark?

When I started my 2012 535i up this evening (all of three weeks old) in the commuter parking lot, the nav screen was a brownish color then it went dark. Everything else was working fine. I drove a ways, parked the car and turned it off.

What kind of car has blank navigation screen?

My 2001 E38 would come up blank on occasion, so would the 2008 E60. Never a screen of death, always came back up after a restart. I’ve had a few gremlins like that on mine.