Video-author interview about the book, The greed for Gold

The author Michael Bloss, he tells about his relationship to Gold, about the most important aspects of the precious metal, and about his Motivation to write this book, which has a multi-media Dimension. The greed for Gold. In the Park of the Nymphenburg castle in Munich, he answered the questions:

  • What is Gold?
  • Who should be interested in Gold?
  • Will be the subject of Gold more important in the future?
  • What is the special feature of the book is?
  • Who should read this book?

Buchbeschreibung: Gold exudes from time immemorial, the myth of value, wealth and Power. In the literature, and in philosophy we find numerous influences. Not to mention the religions. But what is the role of Gold in our lives really? How much Gold is there at all? In which jewelry and everyday items it is? And Gold is indeed a safe haven for private assets?

In an entertaining way, the reader will be surprised on every page of the book with interesting facts about Gold from all possible perspectives.

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