Tourist transport from A to Z

Tourist transport from A to Z

Touristische Verkehrsmittel von A bis Z

Tourism is without transport is unthinkable. The bandwidth of tourist transport company is extremely diverse. On Board a cruise ship or a Lairds ‘ estates, the means of locomotion is the main tourist attraction.

The Handbook of tourism and transport by Sven Groß, provides a structured and comprehensive Overview of (almost) all tourist means of transport. The book is published at UVK Lucius/utb.

The author begins with the theoretical foundations of tourism and transport, and finally, in the Detail on the different transport companies. This includes car rental, bus travel, ship travel, as well as air and rail transport. Are outlined in each state of research, developments, legal framework, provider and

Customers, as well as strategies for the most important transport companies. Also the special areas of tourist traffic are taken into consideration – on Land, in the air and on the water. On transport concepts for destinations, such as tourist signage and mobility management in tourism, is the manual also. Many of the definitions, example boxes, learning objectives, and review questions help in understanding.

The book is addressed to students of the tourism economy. It is in addition, but also a useful Handbook for scientists and representatives of the tourism practice.

The Author Of

Prof. Dr. Sven Groß, teaches Management of transport carriers at the Hochschule Harz.


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Touristische Verkehrsmittel von A bis Z



Sven Groß

Handbook of tourism and transport

Transport companies, strategies and concepts

2., completely revised edition in 2017

568 Pages, Hardcover


€ (D) 49,99

ET 17. July 2017