the election campaign from A to Z

the election campaign from A to Z

Wahlkampf von A bis ZLeaflets, posters or TV commercials before the Federal election on 24. September, the parties to stir the advertising drum. Complex issues need to be conveyed through simple, poignant messages, because it comes to important votes of citizens of non-voters or Undecided. The book works the campaign of Silvano Moeckli is an exciting Overview of the topic of the election campaign and political communication. The book is published at UVK Lucius/utb.

The extent to which the provocation is an appropriate means of gaining attention, and you are allowed to use unfair means? What is the role of the appearance of Candidates, is non-verbal communication more important than verbal? Are elections won on the Internet today? The author gives the answers and explained in an understandable way, the importance of the electoral system, the election campaign strategy, the dynamics of communication processes, indirect and direct communication. He is also a traditional and new campaign tools, the selling of “political products”, as well as the different ways of communication in a rational and emotionally-driven voters.

It can be used in many of the examples of electoral campaigns in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, great Britain and the United States.

The book is addressed to students of politics and communication studies at universities and universities of applied Sciences. It is also a useful guide for media professionals, communication officers, as well as interested citizens(inside) in German-speaking countries.

The Author Of

Prof. Dr. Silvano Moeckli teaches political science at the University of St. Gallen. The author is not only familiar with the political science theory, but also with the political and economic practice. He was a member of the Presidium of the constitutional

Commission of the Canton of St. Gallen, was a member of the banking Commission of the cantonal Bank of St. Gallen, was a member of the International parliamentary Constance conference and the cantonal Parliament of St. Gallen, he was also President. Missions as an election expert, the UN, the OSCE and the Council of Europe led him to Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans.


Wahlkampf von A bis Z




Silvano Moeckli

So choice works fight

1. Edition in 2017

210 Pages, Paperback

ISBN 978-3-8252-4868-0

€ (D) 19,99

ET 11. September 2017