The completion of work at a company

The completion of work at a company

Whether Bachelor, Master or diploma: there are many advantages to writing the final thesis in a company. The Student establishes contact with his employer, the company benefits from the scientific Know-how and the University network with the practice. But the balancing act between scientific claim on the one hand, and the requirements of the company, on the other hand, can be large. The book is The final work in the company of Olaf Schmidt the necessary steps that can be taken by all three sides – companies, students, University – during a completion of work, at the end of a Win-Win-Win Situation to describes how to write.

The focus of organisational aspects, such as tendering, application, and scheduling, the (scientific) Work in the company, communicative strategies, and finally the successful presentation of the results.

The guide is interdisciplinary and provides the student, supervisor and Professor with numerous practical tips, examples and checklists. Pictograms at the beginning of the sections of the pilot through the pages and help you to quickly Grasp the content.

The author: Diplom-Informatiker Olaf Schmidt works in the industry and receive regular supervision of Bachelor-, Master – and diploma theses.

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