The Chinese Housewives and the Gold

The Chinese Housewives and the Gold

It sounds a bit strange, but the idea that Chinese House, which is managed by experts according to the statements of China assets, can move the price of gold, is interesting.

However, we summarize the topic a little further. The first big question is however, can move a small group of investors, a price and a whole market? Answer: Yes. Already several times we were able to experience this.

The fundamental nature of this assumption, however, is deeper justified. Because a for the time being inconspicuous existing group can be very fast. For example, the private customer banks in Germany are equipped in total with significantly more liquidity than, for example, are the Institutional investors. However, as the private customers are not consistently pursue the same strategies, and the asymmetric distribution of information, this is not in every market situation.

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Sources: article image: Michael Raab / movie: UVK/MB