survey: workers are demanding more praise and recognition

survey: workers are demanding more praise and recognition

Umfrage: Arbeitnehmer fordern mehr Lob und AnerkennungEveryone knows the saying: “gifts of friendship.” The small Gestures are what show how much you mean to each other and each other’s estimates. Also in the relationship between boss and employee, it looks no different. Unfortunately, it is lacking in many companies appreciation for the employees, such as a survey (2016). Employee gifts that could increase Motivation, are scarce or often not correspond to the, what would wish for the workers. Also in the case of team events, there is a backlog.


Thus, employees do continue to work with Motivation and the use of your tasks, you want recognition for their work. In the process of catching up to do, however: In a survey by Sodexo, a provider of employee benefits and Incentives, among 1,000 employees, shows:

  • only 34 percent receive regular praise and recognition
  • 44 percent, however, rarely appreciation by the chief
  • 17 percent feel that their work is not valued
  • 5 percent get only criticism to listen to

Vouchers instead of flowers

Small employee gifts can be a token of appreciation. But here are some employers save: 45% of the respondents had received in the past year, no gift from your company. The homemade gifts are also not always the taste of the workforce, 24 percent received special payments or vouchers for food, Refueling or purchases. It should be like more: 62 percent of respondents wish for such a grant. 20 percent had employees gifts like flowers, chocolates or pens – however, only 5% are excited about it.

Team events are rather rare

Whether summer party, Christmas party or concert visits Event with colleagues, can improve the mood of the workforce. However, only 24 percent regularly come into the enjoyment of team-building measures. 38 per cent can at least celebrate this once in a year at the expense of the company, while 23 percent complete on such events. 15 percent of respondents celebrate regularly with your Team, you have to pay for it but even.

Umfrage: Arbeitnehmer fordern mehr Lob und Anerkennung

Source: Sodexo


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Umfrage: Arbeitnehmer fordern mehr Lob und Anerkennung



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