Successful communication for beginners

Successful communication for beginners

Erfolgreich kommunizieren für Berufseinsteiger

The interview is done and the first work contract has not been signed. Now have to claim career-starters in their everyday work. Not only is it technically a challenge, because the communication in a company differs quite significantly from the in school or studying.

The new guide Business rhetoric for beginners by Harald Schaefer and Burkhard Schäfer shows varied and easy to implement the rules of the game and tricks the professionals, talking with supervisors, dealing with (un)fair colleagues or in Negotiations with service providers and customers need. The book is published with UVK.

At the beginning the authors of the different speaker types in the profile and their Strengths and weaknesses. On this basis, they provide the reader with the rhetorical skills for the important communication situations, such as, for example, a lecture, direct discussions, the client meeting, the sales conversation and negotiation.

Numerous tips, checklists, Exercises and a self-test to make the book a helpful companion in everyday working life.

The Authors:

Dr. Harald Schäfer is the managing Director of a management Institute, a Business Angel and a lecturer at the University of Mannheim.

Dr Burkhard Schäfer is managing Director of a Management Institute, Board of Directors of several companies and a lecturer at the University of Mannheim.


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Harald Schäfer, Burkhard Schaefer

Business rhetoric for beginners

1. Edition In 2017, 230 Pages

ISBN 978-3-86764-552-2

€ (D) 19,99

ET February 2017