substance decides the

substance decides the

Is a lot in the past few years about substance value of investments is written and has been said to be. These include, in addition to real estate, plots of land (in good location) also shares , and of course, Gold. But what is to build an Investor in his own Portfolio? Or makes it to the final but the mixture?

Gold and gem … I love very much. An old children’s wisdom, however, has insisted more than ever. Because just in the past few years, the financial crisis, the property will have gained the value of investments significantly more attractive. As Shown In Fig. 1 shows, the DAX Index compared to. the price of gold, especially in this time of lost.

(Fig. 1: Dax vs. Gold; source: Thomson Reuters)

Otherwise, if we have a short-term approach (as shown in Fig. 2). Here, the DAX is now at the front.



(Fig. 2: Dax vs. Gold source: Thomson Reuters)

What insight can we draw from this? The none of the investment objects is alone useful! Therefore, also here the old saying: “Put not all your eggs in one basket.” The diversification of the investment instruments makes the success.


How will it go in the coming years?

The mood will probably change a lot. By the statements of Mario Dragi, the ECB will buy an unlimited extent, loans and the Need, if this would be necessary to tend to a policy of negative interest rates, money seems to stay on for a long period of time unspeakably cheap. It is, therefore, assumed, that, therefore, the property values in the future, significantly more will be in demand.

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Sources: Atikelbild: Karl-Heinz Laube /; illustrations: Thomson Reuters; Interview: BSTV