strike in South Africa – What is the price of gold?

South Africa is after China the second largest gold producer in the world. Long years, the country was the main producer for the eternal and divine metal. But for some time now, is a resistance. The workers are on strike and the production will be this year, 40% less than in the prior-year period.

Where is actually mined Gold?

The graph below (source: Thomson Reuters) shows the gold mining regions, and their production. It is easy to see that Asia – and particularly China – has become the largest gold producer in the world.

Why isn’t Gold anywhere eligible?

Gold is almost everywhere present in trace amounts, gold is not distributed to occur uniformly over the Globe, but in Gold deposits. Germany, for example, has almost no Gold.

Where is the largest Mine?

The largest Mine is located in Papua. The Grasberg mine, can even be seen from space.

Has changed the price of gold this year?

Actually a superfluous question! Because this implies a clear ‘Yes’. Like any traded Good, the price of gold also fluctuates. The graph below (source. Thomson Reuters) shows the change in the price of gold and other metals.



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Source Of Graphics: Thomson Reuters

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