Spontaneous a marketing lecture to take

Spontaneous a marketing lecture to take

Nothing easier than that! As a lecturer or Professor of teaching tasks you have to jump sometimes at very short notice to step into the breach. And then, it is that there is enough time for the preparation is missing. Not to mention the creation of Powerpoint slides and the position of Exercises and exam questions.

Professor Dr. Alexander Hennig teaches at the University of cooperative education Baden-Württemberg and offers in the utb-Shop is a complete solution for such cases: With a Marketing lecturer package. It includes 377 exam questions, 105 transparencies as well as a digital learning book.

Spontan eine Marketingvorlesung übernehmenThis Marketing lecturer package is aimed at lecturers in the bachelor’s degree programme. It is with the following 3 elements of an ideal lecture and exam preparation.

  • Exam questions: In an Excel database are 377 exclusive exam questions are listed with level of difficulty (1, 2, 3), and recommended processing time for the exam are provided. At the same time, the allocation to the individual stages and sub-sections is ensured in the learning book. The database can be expanded and with editing notes added.
  • Slides: a total of 105 Powerpoint slides are to be found illustrations, tables, and important systematisation of the marketing material, corresponding to the content of the learning guide.
  • Online access to the title Fit for the exam: Marketing (learning book) : With the compact learning book for students is not a Problem, the examination of relevant content marketing to successfully memorize. The book is divided into stages: at the beginning of the most important phrases mentioned, the application of the substance described, and exam tips. Through the use of Single Choice questions can be asked at the end of each stage the Knowledge to the test.

More information about this “time-is-money”offer, you can find here.

Image: (c) Peter von Bechen / pixelio.de