Should you grease a detachable towbar?

Should you grease a detachable towbar?

o You do not need to grease the towball, but you should grease the receiver-end of a detachable. o You could damage your towbar by failing to use or care for your towbar correctly.

What kind of towbar does BMW X5 have?

I have a 2014 BMW X5 with factory-fitted towbar. It does not have a fridge relay to run the fridge on 12V whilst towing.

Is the BMW X5 available as an ATV?

The BMW X5 is available as a or ATV/SUV. So you know you are installing the right towbar on your BMW X5, we have looked at towing capacity, electrical kits, bumper cuts and more for each variation of BMW X5 below. The BMW X5 ATV/SUV was first released in 2001. To determine which variant of BMW X5 you have, check your vehicle logbook.

Can a towbar be connected to an ATV?

Electrical kits connect the electrics in your ATV/SUV to the electrics on your trailer, bike rack or caravan so your lights are still visible. We would always recommend having a dedicated electrics kit installed, where possible.

How does a split charge work on a BMW towbar?

If all your lights are OK, the simplest option would be to put a split-charge relay in to drive the fridge. Simply puts a heavy-duty 12v supply out on the fridge pin when the engine is running and turns it off when the engine is off.

Do you need electric tow bar for BMW X5?

BMW X5 Towbar Electrics Kits. It is recommended that all tow bars fitted to a BMW X5 vehicle are done so with a dedicated electrics kit, rather than a universal electrics kit.

Can a BMW 535d touring fit a towbar?

Thanks in advance. I don’t have a X5 but a 535d touring, they are the same factory fit balls and they are swan neck and will fit an Alko. Factory fitted towbars are always swan neck, of which there is only one model specific version.

Can a BMW fitter fit a tow bar?

So to sum up my thoughts, yes on a spanker get BMW to factory fit one, on a used get a good well regarded fitter to do it. Unless any fault in the electrics can be traced specifically to the tow bar then BMW will cover it.

Is the Witter bar fitted in the UK?

A Witter bar, even if marked BMW, was, almost certainly, fitted in the U. K. The official ‘plug in’ electrics kit is likely to be a specialist manufacturer item to BMW design approval. At one time a company in Peterborough used to design and make such kits for many car manufacturers across Europe.