Respectful leadership and corporate culture

Respectful leadership and corporate culture

Respektvolle Mitarbeiterführung und Unternehmenskultur

(Press release) The labour market in Germany is in a noticeable change. The “Generation Y” in the choice of profession with their focus on the salary or the Profit. Flexible working times and, especially, the appreciation of their work is in the job search are important components. But why the factor of appreciation is gaining more and more importance and how successful companies are practicing it? What are the benefits companies have by appreciative leadership? Andreas Otterbach and Corinna to go a Little in your book Leading through appreciation of these issues and give valuable information on how readers integrate leadership through appreciation in the best way possible in your business and become even more successful. The book is published with UVK.

The authors have laid out in their book, the focus is on very successful companies, the so-called Hidden Champions. Because on closer inspection they have in the Germany-wide comparison, lower turnover rates, sickness rates and absenteeism. For this reason, they investigate the extent to which value estimates play in the end of leadership and corporate culture for their development a decisive role. They identify seven factors that make up successful leadership through appreciation – a recognition that is applicable to every medium-sized businesses.

The book is aimed at present and future managers and employees in HR departments.


The Authors:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Otterbach teaches business administration with an emphasis in business management at the University of media in Stuttgart. His research leadership areas through appreciation, success factors of Hidden Champions as well as Employer Branding. He is a Board member of the Initiative sustainable leadership.

Corinna Little studied at the College of media. Her research area covers management issues and success factors of Hidden Champions in Germany.


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Respektvolle Mitarbeiterführung und Unternehmenskultur



Andreas Otterbach, Corinna Little

Leading through appreciation

1. Edition in 2017

180 Pages, Paperback


€ (D) 24,99

ET 17. July 2017