resistance to change

resistance to change

Passive moments of inertia, or active to Prevent the change are, in many ways, to imagine and to experience. Iris Pufé describes in her new sustainability book, the challenge is for the social change to more sustainability.

No change without resistance. In spite of arguments to a boost in innovation, renewal and growth through sustainability close, the Resistors only slowly. Doubts as to value and future viability of sustainability in the feared Trade-Offs: environmental impact will be achieved only through loss of sales.

A particular challenge of dealing with the resistors of the Affected forms. Changes can be both personally and professionally often perceived as a threat: Only 5%, the so-called promoters, to support change processes, the main groups are the skeptics and Laggards, each with 40%. 15% are a clear opponent of change. These Figures can also be used for dealing with sustainability transfer. Sustainability is for more than 40 years ago, but could not prevail so far across the Board.

Below are a few reasons for this:

  • Fear of the incompatibility of economic and environmental goals and interests
  • Fear, therefore, Trade-Offs, at the expense of the Profits go
  • lack of Operational practicability due to the complexity (interactions, Inclusiveness, etc.)
  • lack of Knowledge and personnel
  • Lack of restraint in politics and society
  • Transfiguration, do-gooders-heal the world – and the Pseudo-end of the world theme
  • Free-rider mentality; nobody wants to take the first step;
  • an old way of Thinking, safety thinking, Routine, habit, fear of the New, change and uncertainty.

For the future the concept of sustainability needs to be painted in vivid colors, so that it gets as a whole-of-society Vision of the attraction, for its implementation on a global scale is necessary.

This Text comes from the book sustainability of Iris Pufé – will be published soon at UTB: 14,99 € (D), 1. Edition, 260 pages, ISBN 978-3-8252-3667-0

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