Relaxed in the exam

Test anxiety makes a large part of the physically noticeable. And these physical phenomena can then be a catalyst for even more fear. Relaxation can be a direct remedy against the fear. And just as you learn the exam material for the next exam, you can also train techniques for relaxation.Helpful and easy-to-follow the breath-Counting Exercise and Progressive muscle relaxation are for example.

Behind the breath-Counting Exercise is actually exactly what their Name suggests: they count their breaths. A relaxed attitude is caused by the distraction in the stressful thoughts on a simple task, and on the body. You should observe your breath and Count mostly correctly count and not forget anything.

In Progressive muscle relaxation you will be Sitting, physically active, and make something very Specific. Yoke namely all of the muscles in the arms, legs and face. Your breathing plays a role. So you need to imagine anything in your mind or with the help of suggestions seek to influence.

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