practice instead of theory: How students successful in exams writing

practice instead of theory: How students successful in exams writing

An everyday Situation: students go to a lecture, write, what is important to them, and cramming for the upcoming test. However, sometimes the exam is in spite of resistant to Learn wrong. A common cause is often knowledge, not lack of expertise but a lack of adequate preparation on the “other” requirements in the test. The book Successfully exams to write Lothar Bunn offers students a practical guide to the examination-oriented Learning and effective writing behaviour during the exam.

The counselor demonstrates on the basis of practical tips, AIDS, and concrete examples of how exams successfully and mastered can be prepared. The focus is on the analysis of authentic tasks of different subjects: they contain not only instructions for the test subject, but also explicit expectations of the to-be-read-Text, and the methodological approach. Multiple-Choice exams and assessment criteria are dedicated to their own Chapter.

The basis for this book, seminars to prepare for the Writing of exams. From the experience developed at the universities of Göttingen and Münster, questionnaires and surveys among students and lecturers. The interviews showed that the exam requirements are far less consciously rather than unconsciously recorded. Due to the fact a Study, many students hard, and to develop learning that is aligned to the target to write the exam.

The book is fan across the Board – but especially to students of the Humanities and social Sciences, including Economics.

The author: Lothar Bunn is a research associate at the language centre of the University of Münster in the study field of English as a foreign language.

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