the Official UVK Shop at Spreadshirt

What is our new non-fiction books , The revenge of the Nerds , and The greed for Gold have in common? Both of them have their very own collection at Spreadshirt. In the case of the Shirts, care was taken to select motifs and lettering which are suitable for everyday use. The carrier should be […]

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A two-speed Europe?

“The common house of Europe” should be with the introduction of the Euro, and the related Homogenization effects strengthened and expanded. Where are we today? Why is it many of the citizens today, as the Experiment of the Euro and Europe would have failed? One of the most fundamental explanations for the difficulties that we […]

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processes properly

For the representation of processes, different models and techniques can be applied. Examples of this are Petri nets; Event-driven process chains (EPK); Process chain diagram (VKD); Work flow diagrams; Data flow diagrams; Data flow plans; Information flow diagrams. When creating a process chart, the following instructions should be observed: In a chart should not be […]

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