New series at utb: basic knowledge for the course

New series at utb: basic knowledge for the course

The first lecture of a new topic, a jump into the cold water is always, because students are confronted with new terms, methods and ways of thinking that they know from school. With regard to the different learning habits of students and the unequal level of knowledge bundles utb in the new series of bridge course – What are you going to lecture is the beginning of knowledge should be relevant to the lecture topics of the operation, and Economics. The series places a special value on intelligibility, there is a single teaching, a student-friendly price and in a compact Format.

Several learning units, each with 60 pages give a first insight into the sub-disciplines of Economics. The series is primarily directed at Bachelor, and minor subject students who want to prepare for the Fast, or need to, what is expected in the respective subject. The first four, already available titles dealing with the topics of Finance, accounting, statistics for business and Economics and the Scientific method.

All of the titles are for 7,99 Euro in a handy Format. Just in time for the preparation for the winter semester published by utb in July, 10 more bridge courses. The issues of business are cost of teaching, Controlling, accounting, macroeconomics, Marketing, microeconomics, personnel management, project management, and computer science.

“The constant changes in the textbook market and our years of experience with the preparation of study literature has shown that textbooks need to be compact, understandable and manageable,” explains Dr. Jürgen Schechler, programme Manager for Economics at UVK Lucius for utb, the content of the concept of bridge courses. “In addition, we offer at utb for each phase of the study an appropriate Textbook or a useful learning aid. After the lecture, accompanying and exam preparation volumes are already an integral part of the program, close the bridge courses, the last gap: they help the students, the lecture material from the beginning to understand properly and quickly classify. Ultimately, the bridge courses to increase the learning efficiency of each lecture.“

For this series a concept was to be ensured, developed by the publisher, with the uniform structure and a recurring didactics of all the bridge courses. Definitions, examples, crossword puzzles, and Single-Choice Tests with solutions are provided in each folder element. The number of convinced but also externally: all the books appear in the uniform utb Design.

All of the titles at a glance, see