manipulating the price of gold?

manipulating the price of gold?

In the past week, rumors came in of a large German newspaper, the gold price had been manipulated. That would be to de LIBOR scandal, the next big financial scandal in the world. Is there any truth to these rumors?

Since September, 1919, the gold price fixing is a fixed Institution, and something like the high mass for the gold traders. As the Handelsblatt , in his article: Possible Manipulation of the gold price under the Gables ont now reported, investigations are done, if everything with the right things is received.

As a newspaper reader, you get the feeling that nothing in the world is more so, as it seems. On the interest rate market, the LIBOR scandal is in the food industry, the horse meat scandal and now the price of gold? The trust in institutions and markets threatens to wane.

However, we do not want to draw premature conclusions. Nothing has yet been clarified, but one thing is nevertheless for sure: The world needs to be a continuity of values and Reliability to return. If again and again rumors about various “ancient” customs and habits – regardless of whether they are right or wrong – on this shows how important it is to return deep and uniform values.

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Sources: article image: Dieter Schütz /; Film: UVK