Living legend

183 cm tall he is. 29. In September 1976, he was born. In the Ukraine, he is a living legend and enjoys many special rights. Andriy Mykolajowytsch Shevchenko is his Name. And he shoots with two class goals against brave fighting Sweden, the Ukraine for the victory. All teams have played their first game. There were some Surprises. And also disappointments.

Between tip game: When the student has sastila at the last minute on FM over on court 1 is pushed. In the case of the lecturer: Cacau remains here in the front.Congratulations to the winners of the first round.

Team standings: After the completion of the first game day, it is time now for the intermediate state: With an average of 8,17 points is the team of the lecturers before the students, the only 7.22 points. Here it is, the tax for the second round is concentrated at the tip to make.