Is the Honda Acura MDX a reliable car?

Is the Honda Acura MDX a reliable car?

The good news? 2006 thru 2009 models equipped with Honda’s new 5-speed automatic are quite reliable. But then there’s another unexpected hiccup that took place in 2010 due to the introduction of a 6-speed automatic that has trouble handling all that heft.

When did the Acura MDX V6 engine fail?

Sadly, this luxury SUV came with one fatal defect that would haunt millions of Hondas and Acuras over the next several years. Transmission failures. From 1998 thru 2003 (and portions of 2004) Hondas equipped with the V6 engine and 5-speed automatic experienced failure rates that were among the highest in the industry.

Why is the Acura SLX considered a not acceptable vehicle?

Consumer Reports put the Acura SLX and its sibling, the Isuzu Trooper, on their scope of ‘Not Acceptable’ vehicles due to the SUVs rollover risk. That, along with high rates of transmission failures relegated the SLX into a quick and irreversible journey into Honda’s rather small dustbin of defunct model names.

What kind of reliability does Acura MDX have?

The Reliability score is based on our latest subscriber survey of 2006 Acura MDX owners. The owner comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle. Blower (fan) motor, A/C compressor, condenser, evaporator, heater system, automatic climate control, refrigerant leakage, electrical failure.

Where was the 2006 Acura MDX last serviced?

Purchased on 10/05/06 and owned in WA until 04/01/21. Driven an estimated 11,152 miles/year. Last serviced at 161,497 miles in Bellevue, WA on 03/25/21 • Vehicle serviced • Inspection performed • Alignment checked • Engine checked • Oil and filter changed • Brakes checked.

What do you think of the Toyota MDX?

We like its strong, refined powertrain and pleasant ride. The comfortable interior offers good visibility, seating for seven passengers and a very decent amount of cargo room. The MDX also feels agile in routine driving, but does not inspire confidence in emergency handling, even with its stability-control system.

Where does the Acura MDX minivan come from?

Built on the platform used for the previous-generation Honda Odyssey minivan, the MDX is manufactured in Ontario, Canada. It competes against such rivals as the BMW X5, Lexus RX 330 and Mercedes-Benz M-Class.