Is ATF-Z1 the same as ATF DW1?

Is ATF-Z1 the same as ATF DW1?

Also, ATF-DW1 is the official Honda replacement for ATF-Z1. The claimed differences between the two are the ATF-DW1 viscosity is lower (thinner), which translates into better gas mileage, and the lubricating properties have been improved.

What transmission fluid is compatible with ATF-Z1?

A: Honda Geuine DW-1 is a synthetic automatic transmission fluid that is equivalent with ATF-Z1.

What kind of transmission fluid does Acura TL take?

Lubegard Synthetic Synthetic Transmission Fluid Dexron VI 1 Quart.

Should I use Honda transmission fluid?

Do you Need to Use Honda Brand Fluids? The simple answer is yes. It’s all about corrosion, and Honda fluids will be the best fluid to minimize corrosion and keep your Honda reliable. Different car manufacturers utilize different metal alloys and rubber compounds in vehicle components.

What is equivalent to Honda automatic transmission fluid?

Valvoline MaxLife ATF is suitable as DW1 replacement. If you send out an email to Valvoline team, they’ll response with a document that is listing the DW1 in it.

Do all Hondas use the same transmission fluid?

honda atf is the ONLY stuff you should use in your honda. any other fluid will result in shift problems after a certain time.

Can you change ATF fluid on an Acura TL?

Changing your ATF fluid doesn’t have to be a job for the pro. If you can change your oil, you have what it takes to change the transmission fluid as well. This article applies to the Acura TL (2004-2008).

What kind of transmission fluid does an Acura use?

Experienced Acura enthusiasts are adamant about three things when it comes to automatic transmissions: Always remember to check your fluids with your ENGINE OFF! Always use genuine Acura Automatic Transmission Fluid. (Note that in 2011 the ATF-Z1 fluid was replaced by DW-1, a synthetic blend.)

How often should you change the transmission in an Acura TL?

Automatic transmissions when warm keep at least 1/3 of their fluid in the torque converter. For this reason, many people recommend doing three quick fluid changes within the space of a few days, or even the same day. Be sure to drive the car for at least an hour before changing it again.

Where is the dipstick on an Acura TL?

The transmission dipstick is located under the hood, conveniently at the front of the engine compartment on the driver’s side. Add more fluid if needed, and re-tighten the filler bolt/cap to 33 lb-ft (44.5 Nm). Figure 8. Convenient location of automatic transmission dipstick. Figure 9. Transmission fluid dipstick full marks.