How much runway does a A300 need?

How much runway does a A300 need?

For A300/A310 and A330/A340 aircraft, 45m is the minimum runway width recommended as per ICAO.

Is the Airbus A300 still in service?

The Airbus A300 entered service way back in 1974 with Air France. As a result, the majority of the 223 Airbus A300s still in service operate in a freighter capacity. That leaves just a small handful of Airbus A300s still flying as passenger planes today.

How much fuel does a A300-600 hold?


Range 7 500 km
Max take-off weight 171.7 tonnes
Max landing weight 140 tonnes
Max zero fuel weight 130 tonnes
Max fuel capacity 68 150 litres

How many Airbus A300 were built?

Airbus A300

Produced 1971–2007
Number built 561
Variants A300-600ST Beluga Airbus A310
Developed into Airbus A330 Airbus A340

When did Airbus start making the Airbus A300?

The Airbus A300 is a wide-body airliner developed and manufactured by Airbus . In September 1967, aircraft manufacturers in the United Kingdom, France, and West Germany signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a large airliner.

What is the range of the Airbus A300-600F?

With its range of more than 4,000 nautical miles, the A300-600 has the capability to fly all major regional routes of the world’s principal economic regions. The A300-600F can carry significant tonnage and volume on its main deck, as well as in the large underfloor holds – accommodating the full range of existing cargo containers and pallets.

How big is the cargo door on an Airbus A300?

The aircraft is fitted with a 141 X 101-inch primary cargo door on the forward fuselage that facilitates the loading of industry-standard containers and pallets on the main deck, while large doors for the lower cargo holds facilitate the handling of freight in these below-deck zones.

What kind of material is the Airbus A300 made of?

As such, the A300 would feature the first use of composite materials of any passenger aircraft, the leading and trailing edges of the tail fin being composed of glass fibre reinforced plastic.