How much is an alternator for a 2010 Jeep Liberty?

How much is an alternator for a 2010 Jeep Liberty?

2010 Jeep Liberty Alternator – from $164.99+ |

What is the difference between a Jeep Liberty and a Jeep Liberty sport?

There are three different trims of Jeep liberty on the market; Jeep Liberty Sport, Jeep Liberty Limited, and Jeep Liberty Renegade. The Renegade and Limited trims features a 3.7-litre V-6, while Liberty Sport has a 2.4-litre V-4 engine, but in all of them controls arrangement has been inspired by European car models.

Does 2010 Jeep Liberty sport have Bluetooth?

Sport and Limited trims are offered for the 2010 Jeep Liberty, and both have a choice between 2WD and 4WD. New for 2010 are heated mirrors and a fold-flat front passenger seat. Additionally, the Limited model now comes with Bluetooth, leather upholstery, and power heated front seats.

How much does it cost to replace an alternator in a Jeep Liberty?

The average cost for a Jeep Liberty alternator replacement is between $441 and $455. Labor costs are estimated between $53 and $67 while parts are priced at $389.

How much is an alternator for a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

2002 Jeep Liberty Alternator – from $139.99+ |

What is the best year for Jeep Liberty?

Our research has shown that the best year for the Jeep Liberty was the 2009 model. Far fewer mechanical issues arose during 2009 than the average year’s models (the worst being the 2002 model).

Does a Jeep Liberty have an AUX port?

AUX 3.5mm cable car audio input: Just plug the device into the extension port of the Jeep Liberty 2005 factory car stereo, connect it to your favorite MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, Android device or smartphone, and hear the CD quality music right away.

Do 2010 Jeeps have bluetooth?

The good news is that bluetooth is available on the 2010 Jeep Wrangler. You can pick up a bluetooth receiver for a few dollars from a retailer like Amazon or Walmart.

What are the problems with the 2010 Jeep Liberty?

Worst 2010 Jeep Liberty Problems #1: Fuel Spills Out When Filling Up 2010 Liberty Average Cost to Fix: $1,500. Average Mileage: 58,000 mi #2: TIPM Faulty 2010 Liberty Average Cost to Fix: $1,200. Average Mileage: 82,000 mi #3: Skyslider Failure 2010 Liberty Average Cost to Fix: $10,000. Average Mileage: 38,000 mi

What happens when the battery dies on a Jeep Liberty?

When the battery gets so dead it will no longer be able to power your Liberty’s ignition system. As the ignition system is no longer able to produce a full powered spark, the engine will begin to sputter and stall.

What should the volts be on a Jeep Liberty?

Specifically, you’ll need to set it to 20V DC. With your Liberty turned off, you’ll connect the negative side of the meter to the negative battery post or wire. You’ll then touch the positive side of the voltmeter to the positive battery wire. With the engine off, you should get a reading somewhere between 12.0 volts and 12.6 volts.

Can a refrigerant be added to a Jeep Liberty?

Most refrigerants include a leak sealer that will seal small leaks in addition to filling the R134a refrigerant. The A/C system in your Liberty consists of a compressor that is belt-driven, an evaporator and freon. If there is a problem with your compressor or evaporator, adding freon will not restore cooling.