How much is an alternator for a 2006 Acura RL?

How much is an alternator for a 2006 Acura RL?

2006 Acura RL Alternator – from $162.99+ |

How long does Acura alternator last?

Alternator failure is fairly common, but an alternator can last well over 100,000 miles without incident. Harsh driving conditions and custom power accessories can shorten the life of an alternator.

How much is a alternator for a 2006 Acura MDX?

This item Alternator Replacement For Acura MDX 3.5L 03-06 3.7L 07-09, RL 3.5L 05-07, TL 3.2L 04-08 3.5L 07-08, Honda 3.5L Odyssey 05-07 Pilot 05-08 Ridgeline 06-08 31100-RJA-A01, 31100-RJA-A02 Premier Gear PG-11391 Professional Grade New Alternator
Price $9995 $13188
Sold By OEG Parts OEG Parts

How long does an alternator last in an Acura MDX?

How much is an alternator for a 2005 Acura MDX?

2005 Acura MDX Alternator – from $199.99+ |

What to do if your Acura alternator overcharges?

A failed voltage regulator needs to be replaced by dismantling the alternator. In some cases, rebuilt alternators tend to overcharge though it is not a common phenomenon. In case the Acura has a reconditioned alternator, it is better to opt for a factory replacement.

Why does the alternator light come on on my Acura MDX?

Usually an internal circuit present in the Acura will initiate the light to turn on if the alternator is not charging properly. The voltage output of the alternator needs to be checked at a well-equipped alternator repair shop or dealer when the car has cooled.

Where are the fuses on an Acura alternator?

Fuse #2 is located under the dashboard on the left side, in the fuse box marked as fuse #6 (15 amp) Fuse #3 can be found in the same location as fuse number 2 and is labelled as fuse #9 (10 amp) What happens if the alternator is overcharging?

How do I get my Acura navigation code?

You will be requested to provide your current number and zip code. Also, by providing an email address, a confirmation with the requested code will be sent to you for your records.