How much does it cost to replace a VTC actuator?

How much does it cost to replace a VTC actuator?

The average cost for variable valve timing actuator replacement is between $735 and $854. Labor costs are estimated between $456 and $575 while parts are priced at $280.

What are the symptoms of a bad VTC actuator?

If an error occurs, the VTC system control is disabled and the valve timing is no longer variable. This should be repaired sooner than later to avoid a potential check engine light, possibly accompanied with rough idle and/or lack of power or stalling.

How do you test a VTC actuator?

Check that the variable valve timing control (VTC) actuator is locked by turning the VTC actuator counterclockwise. If it is not locked, turn the VTC actuator clockwise until it stops, then recheck it. If it is still not locked, replace the VTC actuator.

How do you install a VTC wheel on an Acura TSX?

Paint a mark across the chain and VTC actuator for later reference. Put a wire tie through the cam chain onto the rear cam sprocket at the rear top side of the chain/sprocket. Hold the cam with a wrench and loosen the vtc actuator bolt. Roll the motor backwards until you can put the locking pin into the tensioner thru the service plate hole.

How to change exhaust cam gear on Acura TSX?

Pin the tensioner, zip tie the exhaust cam gear and chain, have someone to help you pull on the chain where intake cam gear goes (pull really hard and hold) to prevent it skipping on the crank while you swap out the gear. If you have close to 100K I recommend changing your chain and tensioner anyway as chain is most likely stretched.

What was the result of a bad VTC actuator?

There were bent and broken valves due to contact with the piston heads resulting from the timing chain jumping teeth which was ultimately a result of the bad VTC actuator. Car died while pulling away from a stop sign and threw a P1129 code on the reader.

What happens when you torque the VTC wheel?

After you torque the VTC gear down you just take your hand and twist it until it spins and you hear a very audible click. If you do this with the chain on it will lock with the cam off of its centerline (gears might line up but the pulse plates on the cams will not).