How much does it cost to maintain a Acura TL?

How much does it cost to maintain a Acura TL?

The annual maintenance cost of an Acura TL is $467. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and shop.

When did the Acura TL 3.2 come out?

Acura claims that the TL has been the top-selling luxury performance sedan. Three years passed, and a reworked midsize 3.2 TL emerged in early spring 2001 as an early 2002 model. Acura reported more than 500 changes that made up the redesign.

What kind of stability system does Acura TL have?

A new high-performance TL Type S also joined the lineup, packing a high-output engine, a sport-tuned suspension and the company’s electronic stability system, called Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). Responding to eight sensors, the VSA system applies brake force to either front wheel as necessary, while managing the throttle and ignition systems.

What kind of brakes does an Acura TL have?

Three-channel antilock brakes come standard in the 3.2 TL, while four-channel ABS helps halt the Type S. Traction control is another standard feature. It takes considerable detective work to find flaws in the current 3.2 TL sedan. When it comes to making sensible, upscale cars, Acura does it right, refined and civilized.

What kind of seats does an Acura TL have?

Seating five people, the 3.2 TL comes with a power glass moonroof, leather upholstery, a keyless entry system and heated front seats. Perforated-leather seats and leather for the steering wheel and shift knob are installed in the Type S, which features a metallic-face instrument cluster.

Where did the 2002 Acura TL come from?

1st owner purchased on 08/18/01 and owned in FL until 10/09/08 • 2nd owner purchased on 10/09/08 and owned in FL until 02/27/13 • 3rd owner purchased on 03/12/13 and owned in FL until .

How many miles does an Acura TL drive?

1st owner purchased on 12/29/01 and owned in CA until 03/31/05 • 2nd owner purchased on 09/29/05 and owned in CA until 02/11/19 • 3rd owner purchased on 02/11/19 and owned in CA until 09/30/20. 1st owner drove an estimated 7,183 miles/year • 2nd owner drove an estimated 8,843 miles/year • 3rd owner drove an estimated 0 miles/year.

Can you use regular gas in an Acura TL?

You’d have to drive nearly 1 million miles using regular in your TL just to save the purchase price premium you are already paying – assuming no loss in fuel economy. The point is, if you find it painful to dish out an extra hundred dollars a year to put premium gas in a premium car, buy a nice standard sedan like the Accord or Camry.

Is the Acura TL considered a premium car?

Many or most premium buyers – especially of sport sedans and sports cars – want to see some premium engineering and performance as well. Yes, Acura, BMW, Mercedes and even Porsche and Ferrari could dumb down their engines to the big block 1970’s push rod design still used by GM. And you could probably run those on compost. Is that what you want?