How many miles can 1 gallon of gas take you?

How many miles can 1 gallon of gas take you?

You would need to divide 1000 miles by 50 gallons of gas. That would equal 20; therefore, you traveled 20 miles for every 1 gallon of gas.

What was the problem with the Acura TL in 2006?

Anonymous, TX (2006 Acura TL Base 3.2-L V6) “Design defect not covered by Acura involves Bluetooth draining the battery, even when it is turned off. To prevent this, it must be disconnected from the electrical system…at the owners expense. This is a common problem for this series of Acura TL.

Is the Acura TL the best looking car?

The vehicle has performed flawlessly with NO MECHANICAL FAILURES in the subsequent 7 years I’ve owned it — just routine maintenance. This is by far the best looking Acura sedan ever made and one of the best looking sedans of any brand.

What kind of gas mileage does Acura TL get?

The interior is spacious and the leather is mint. Gas mileage is good, I can usually squeeze out 25 mpg by driving conservatively. On the highway I’m usually around 31 mpg.

Is the Acura TL a Bluetooth car?

There are many features to learn on this car, and the buggiest one is probably the Acura HandsFreeLink. This is probably nit-picky on my part though, because this bluetooth system has to be able to work with hundreds, if not thousands, of bluetooth-enabled phones.

Are there any problems with the Acura TL?

There are many known problems with this particular generation of the TL. Bluetooth stopped working and the replacement was pretty costly. Cassette adapter for ipod/iphone music got stuck in tape deck. Went through 2 batteries within 3 weeks and Dealership couldn’t figure out the problem.

Are there AUX ports in the Acura TL?

There is also no AUX port, built in USB charger and auto on-off mode for head lights. Everything I just listed is all not a deal breaker for all those issues except auto headlight feature, can be fixed with manufacturer and OEM add ons.

If you drive it normally not take of like in race every light, you will not burn unnecessary gas and will get the gas mileage that Acura indicates the TL has 28City 32 HWY. If you repair the timing belt and water pump at 100,000 miles and keep up on the normal maintenance and service aka oil fluids, breaks, air filter, and milestone services.

Do you need to maintain Acura after 150K?

All vehicles need to be maintained but can still be problematic after 150k NOT the ACURA motors.