How many belts does a 97 Toyota Corolla have?

How many belts does a 97 Toyota Corolla have?

The 97 Corolla has three accessory belts. The alternator belt is the one you see when you look down on the passenger side standing near the front of the engine compartment. If fits over the alternator and the engine pulley. The belt beneath it is the a/c belt (if the car has a/c).

How many belts does a 1996 Toyota Corolla have?

1996 Toyota Corolla Need Diagram/ Location of the 3 Belts I.

When do you need to replace the alternator belt?

Regardless of which design your vehicle uses, you will likely have to replace the belt that powers your alternator at some point in the lifetime of your vehicle. You can replace these belts yourself using common hand tools. Locate the alternator or serpentine belt.

How to replace a broken alternator belt on 1997 Isuzu Rodeo?

Drive belt Loosen generator fixing bolt and adjuster lock bolt. Adjust bolt by turning adjust bolt. After installation, tighten lock bolt and fixing bolt to: Tighten fixing bolt to 22 Nm (16 ft. lbs.). Tighten lock bolt to 24 Nm (17 ft. lbs.).

How do you remove an alternator from a car?

If your vehicle does not have an auto tensioner, insert a pry bar or piece of wood between the alternator and the engine. Run the belt over the alternator pulley, then use the bar to pry the alternator away from the engine and increase the tension on the belt.

Where does the serpentine belt go on an alternator?

If you do not have a diagram on the vehicle or in your service manual laying out the direction your serpentine belt travels through the pulleys, take a picture of it with your phone to refer to when installing the new belt. A strictly alternator belt will likely only go around an alternator pulley and the crank pulley at the bottom of the engine.

What’s the best way to replace an alternator belt?

Use the wrench to pull in the direction needed to loosen the tension and slip the belt in place and over the alternator pulley. Now, slowly release the tensioner, making sure to avoid any injury or damage. Remove the wrench.

Can a serpentine belt be used for an alternator?

If your vehicle has an alternator belt instead of a serpentine belt, this is the method you will need to use. Be careful not to damage the wiring going into the alternator. The alternator provides the power the engine needs to run through those wires. Slide the belt off of the pulleys and remove it from the car.

How can I tell if my car belt needs to be replaced?

If the belt appears dried out and cracks have formed, it will need to be replaced. Use a flashlight to get a good look at the belt in areas that aren’t as visible to look for signs of cracking elsewhere on the belt. Look for other signs of belt damage.

How do you find the negative terminal on an alternator?

The negative terminal can be identified by looking for the negative symbol (-) or the letters NEG. Loosen the bolt until you can slide the cable off of the terminal. Tuck the cable to the side of the battery to prevent it from coming in contact with the negative terminal.