How long does RSX Type-S last?

How long does RSX Type-S last?

The Acura RSX is a vehicle that is known for reliability. Many owners of this vehicle have been able to drive their vehicle passed the 200,000 mile mark without needing any major work done on the vehicle such as having the engine or transmission rebuilt.

What year is RSX Type-S?

Honda Integra (fourth generation)

Honda Integra Fourth generation (DC5)
Also called Acura RSX (North America)
Production 2001–2006
Model years 2002–2006
Assembly Japan: Suzuka, Mie (Suzuka Plant)

Are RSX Type-S reliable?

Like most Acura vehicles, the RSX boasts a high level of refinement as well as a reputation for above-average reliability, competitive pricing and strong resale value.

How many km does an RSX last?

the motors in these cars, with proper maintenance are complete gold. the main thing with this car is the structure of the car will deteriorate around 180-200,000.

Is the Acura RSX Type’s A race bred?

For 2002, there is just one model and two trims — the RSX and the RSX Type-S. A four-door model will not be offered, and the race-bred Type R version has been put on hiatus (expect a return in 2003 or 2004).

How much is a 2002 Acura RSX worth?

2002 Acura RSX appraisal values can range from $654 – $2,211. Find out what your car is really worth in minutes. Great car, ruined by Honda bean counters. I’ve owned this car since I was 16, and am now 26. Bulletproof reliability, only the A/C compressor has failed, twice. RATTLES/RATTLES….and more rattles.

Why did the Acura Integra name change to RSX?

RSX is the new name for the redesigned Acura Integra. The name change is a result of the company’s desire to polish its luxury vehicle manufacturer image. Since Audi, BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz use alphanumeric names for their cars, Acura marketing wonks think they should, as well. And with that — poof!

What’s the compression ratio on an Acura RSX?

Compression Ratio: RSX – 9.8:1; RSX Type S – 11.0:1 Alternator: 110 amp. max *Does not apply to fluid and filter changes or periodic inspections. Please refer to the maintenance section of your owner’s manual to determine all appropriate maintenance intervals. Steering Wheel: Turns,…