How long does an AC relay last?

How long does an AC relay last?

The life of the compressor relay is measured in cycles, not miles – in other words, how many times it is turned on and off. Most are rated for about 50,000 cycles. For the typical driver, this usually translates to about ten years’ worth of driving.

Why does my AC kill my battery?

If you run the AC when the car is off, it not only puts a strain on the battery, it can completely drain it. Now, if the car is running, and barring no issues ( bad alternator etc), it puts a load on the battery, but the alternator is able to keep up with the demand.

Why my car shakes when I turn on the AC?

Shaking with the a/c on can be caused by a number of reasons. The a/c compressor puts a lot of strain on the engine because the compressor is similar to being a small engine itself. If that does not happen, then the additional drag can cause a low,shaky idle and even cause the engine to stall.

How often does AC clutch cycle in Acura MDX?

Among the relays in that bank the AC clutch is one that is used with high frequency. Multiple cycles in each drive vs. a Foglight that cycles on and off maybe once per drive at best. My person opinion is save the $30 and buy it at Autozone but everyone is entitled to buy the $35 one if it is claimed to be of higher quality.

Why is there no AC in my Acura MDX?

And just as much as they stick on and cause battery drain problems, they can stick off and cause no A/C too. You sir are my hero. I pulled the relay to test it and it rattled which I don’t think it is supposed to do. Replaced it and everything is perfect. THANK YOU! Gents – i’m having this exact issue with my ’07 Sport/Ent at 89k miles.

How many miles does an Acura MDX sport have?

I have a 2007 MDX Sport with 92K miles on it. Been garage kept, had regularly scheduled maintenance at the dealer and is in great shape. This spring I started to run into an issue with the AC and was hoping to get your input on the matter.