How long do Audi timing belts last?

How long do Audi timing belts last?

In our own service facility, we’ve seen a few original timing belts last over 90,000 miles and others ready to break before 75,000 miles. In addition to mileage there are other factors that age the timing belt and related components.

What kind of timing belt does Audi use?

Everything you need to know about Audi timing belt replacement on 4.2L V8; which was used in the following Audi models: The 4.2 liter 40 valve V8 engine was used in several Audi A6, S6, RS6, A8, and S8 models. The 40V V8 engine is driven by a timing belt system which links the cylinder heads, camshafts, and crankshaft to run in sync.

What happens if the timing belt fails on an A4 A6?

The timing belt, tensioner, and idler components eventually reach the end of their recommended service life. The B6 A4 3.0L 30V and C6 A6 3.0L 30V is an interference engine (a.k.a. non-clearance engine). If the Audi timing belt fails, the timing belt system that links the cylinder heads, camshafts, and crankshaft no longer run in sync.

When is it time to replace your timing belt?

If your timing belt looks glossy or shiny, it may be time to replace it. If you see any signs of cracking, the belt needs replacement as soon as possible. Cracking will usually show up on the toothed side of the belt. If you see abrasion or uneven wear along the edges of the timing belt.

What happens when the timing belt jumps on a car?

On some engines, if the timing belt has jumped, the pistons and valves can collide and there will be noise and damage. These engine designs are referred to as interference engines.

When should I Change my Audi’s timing belt?

When to Replace Your Timing Belt Acura. Acuras have one of the longest intervals for timing belt replacement. Audi. Most Audis have a recommended timing belt replacement at 110,000 miles. Chrysler. In general, Chrysler vehicles should have their timing belt replaced at 50,000 miles or after five years, whichever comes first. Ford. GM. Honda. Hyundai.

How much does it cost to replace a timing belt?

The average cost for a timing belt replacement is between $498 and $669 . Labor costs are estimated between $319 and $403 while parts are priced between $179 and $266 .

How much to change timing belt?

A typical timing belt will only cost between $25 and $50, but the repair takes at least a few hours. The labor cost to replace a timing belt can range from $200 – $900.

When to change timing chain on Audi A4?

When dealing with crucial timing belt service, err on the side of caution and change your Audi A4 timing belt every 90,000 miles.